Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 2: Precise Speech

Today was somewhat better than yesterday. The worst part of today was having random panic attacks. These attacks weren't triggered by anything in particular, and sometimes they hit when I was doing something that should have been relaxing!

All day, I have been puzzled about these episodes. Just right now (when I was about to write an entry on precise speech not my panic attacks) I thought of a possible explanation. I think the panic attacks are sort of a rebellion against giving up negativity. You see, adding positivity is great, but a part of me knows that negativity has been a coping technique that I have been using with increasing frequency in the last few years. It is hard to let go of a coping technique, even one that isn't very effective or a good thing in my life.

That is a good segue into precise speech! I have always been a fan of precise speech. I attempt to use words carefully to make myself as clear as possible when communicating with others. I found today that using precise speech when talking to myself can help me to squash negativity and turn it around to positivity. This can be a very honest coping technique in difficult situations. When we use precise speech to tell the absolute truth to ourselves, we find that things don't tend to be as bad as mindless self-chatter and random mood strikes make them out to be!

As I work through this month, forming the habit of positivity, I will keep focusing on using only precise speech and honest communication not only with others but with myself too!

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