Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 16: Progress Report

I am more than halfway through the month, and it is time to report on my progress in cultivating the habit of positivity.

I am definitely doing better than I was! At the beginning of the month, everyday I would have a lapse, a time of wallowing in negativity even if brief, or a time when although not wallowing, I couldn't seem to turn my thoughts around. Those were learning experiences though!

I have learned how to use internal dialogue to work through negative feelings without letting negative thoughts take over. I have learned to make positivity a priority at all times! This is still not a habit. It is something I have to consciously work through at least once everyday, but I can see that it is happening! The habit is forming, and I am optimistic that it will get easier and easier until it is second nature to me!

My partner Diana has told me that she can see the changes happening in me. I am surprised because it seems to me that most of the changes are internal. I am glad that they are already showing to the outside world. This has in some ways been a difficult month. I have been challenged many times! On top of that my physical health hasn't been the best. I am so proud of myself for sticking with this. Just choosing a few times a day to take a few moments to turn my thoughts around is all that was needed to help me have a more joyful life!

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