Monday, September 8, 2008

Why Be Positive?

I think that the advantages of positive thinking and having a positive attitude are obvious, but then I talk to people with deeply ingrained negativity, and I realize that the benefits are not obvious to everyone!

The primary benefit of positive thinking is that it builds a base of happiness in your life that can carry you through anything. Getting in the the habit of squashing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts increases your internal strength. When you have reservoirs of positivity, and something that on the surface seems negative happens, it is much easier to turn it around and see the silver lining. It is easier to move forward doing what needs to be done. It is easier to stay calm and think clearly so that wise decisions can be made.

A second benefit of positive thinking is that our thoughts often become self-fulfilling prophecies. Tell yourself often enough that you can't do it, and most likely, you won't be able to. Conversely tell yourself you can, and you will! Make sure that you are not setting yourself up for failure with a lot of negative self-talk.

The third benefit of positivity is that positive people are pleasant to be around. Negative people have more trouble making friends and keeping them. They are also more likely to attract other negative people. Get togethers are likely to turn into whine fests. Positive people have fun and help others along. They are less likely to jump to negative conclusions and are good at avoiding drama. If you want a better social life, embrace positivity!

Some of you may be saying, "I can't help it. I was born a negative person." I have good news for you. I have known people who felt that way before who decided to embrace positivity and succeeded! Just think about it. "I can't help it" is a negative statement. "I was born a negative person" is a negative statement. You don't really know that either is true. Turn them around! Say, "I can change negative thoughts to positive thoughts. I was born with the ability to adapt." It may not be automatic, but through practice anyone can develop the habit of positivity.

Tomorrow I am going to write about some methods to help you become a positive thinker!

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