Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Is the Goal of Positivity?

I have been very openly pro-positivity lately. Oddly enough, many people respond to my commitment to positivity with the question: "Where do you think that is going to get you?"

The truth is I don't think positivity is going to "get me" anywhere, at least not the way they mean. I am not interested in forming a habit of positivity so that I will make more money. It is not some weird gimmick to get it all, success, beauty, popularity, etc. I simple want to be more positive because I want to be happier, and I have seen that positivity increases happiness, and decreases stress and anxiety.

Obviously being happier as well as less stressed is going to help me move along better in a forward motion to other good things. That is not my goal though. Even if nothing in my life changed except for a habit of positivity it would be worth it to me!

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History's Mysteries said...

Hi, I think that's a great attitude. Thinking positive might not get you things but it will make you happier, and it will make life a little less stressful. Good luck.