Sunday, September 28, 2008

Three Day Countdown!

After today is done, there will only be two more days before the first, so I thought it was time to do a recap of sorts.

First a reaffirmation of my commitment: During the month of October, I am committed to developing the habit of positivity! I realize that this will involve some discomfort and a learning period, but I am committed to doing the work necessary to make this happen. I am motivated by the desire to have a life full of positivity, passion, and play! Also, although I realize that positivity is a wonderful habit in its own right, I know that being positive will make it easier to develop other positive habits and to reach my goals.

Now for an honest look at my obstacles. I have three main obstacles. The first is my own negative self chatter. In my preparation period, this has been the easiest obstacle to squash, but I will need to be ever vigilant during this month long cultivation period, keeping the pesky thoughts away so that the positive thoughts can flourish!

The second obstacle is my physical body which through chemical means creates pockets of negativity and sorrow when things go poorly. I need to remember to allow the mourning without perpetuating the negativity beyond what is absolutely necessary. Two things can help this process. First I can keep up a banter of positive self talk and positive talk to others when this state hits even if it is difficult. Second, I must make sure that I do not allow myself to wallow in this sorrow. I have to choose positivity. When these types of moods strike, choosing positivity can be extremely difficult. I see this as my biggest challenge.

My third obstacle will be other people, both other people who look down on me because I am positive, and not picking up on the emotions of my loved ones who are feeling negative. To combat these obstacles, I plan on limiting my time with negative people and pushing into my uncomfortable zones with loved ones, continuing to be positive in the face of their negativity.

I feel that I have a good plan in place for the next month. I am looking forward to making a positivity a habit by November 1, 2008!

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