Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Habit of Positive Thinking

Lately I have become a fan of zenhabits. I have a huge need for routine in my life. At the same time, I don't like to be a slave to a routine. Add to this equation, the fact that I recently served three years in the fast paced world of quick service restaurant management and have extreme difficulty relaxing, finding myself feeling "fight or flight feelings" at the slightest bit of stress! I have been searching for flexible routines, goals, and life improvements that I can actually achieve without causing added stress in my life.

In steps zenhabits, with a plan for incorporating new habits into your life one month at a time. This is something I can do! I thought a lot about what habit I wanted to add first. Rising early? I love mornings and that would be good for me, but it isn't as pressing as other things. Exercise? I love "moving," but it is too close to the kind of thing I use to do when I was someone who worried about her weight. I think if I pick exercise the first month, I will be setting myself up for failure!

What would help me the most? I think I need to incorporate more positive thinking into my life. It feels odd to type that. I am a positive thinker! People always comment on my optimism. I am definitely a glass half full sort of person! The truth is though that deep inside me I have a huge amount of guilt for things that have happened in the past, and this guilt tends to rear its ugly head at the worst of times pulling me down. So October 2008 is going to be the month that I add the habit of positive thinking to my life!

Why wait? Wouldn't it be good to add more positive thinking to my life now? Of course! I am already adding more positive thinking to my life. But I really want to succeed! So I am going to do more than just say that I am going to incorporate a habit of positive thinking into my life. I am going to research positive thinking. I am going to listen to my own thinking and work on figuring out my problem areas. I am going to set a plan in place to limit my ability to fail.

This is the first part of that plan: a commitment here to that journey. I hope you will all follow me and increase your own positive thinking in the process.

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